As a Southerner and a barbecue aficionado, I was delighted to stumble upon a real, honest to goodness Southern barbecue joint in San Jose. The atmosphere is right--vintage hole in the wall. That is the first sign of a good barbecue joint, and it lured me in. I stepped out of the car, and smelled the second sign--smoke.

I sat down to two gigantic pork spare ribs that were incredibly tender and smoky, pulled pork that was equally smoky and tender and which I topped with a very nice Carolina sauce from among the available selections, and a bowl of Brunswick stew that was an excellent complement to the meal. I chose the BBQ baked beans as a side, and they were the best I have had anywhere. They clearly spent some time on the grill alongside the pork. This may not be the best pork barbecue and Brunswick stew in the world--that honor goes to Vandy's on West Vine Street in downtown Statesboro, Georgia, but it is in mighty, mighty good, and certainly the best I have found in California. And the ribs are certainly in the discussion for best anywhere.

I was too busy gorging myself on the pork barbecue to sample the beef brisket, but I am definitely going to try it next trip. Stop here next chance you get. You will not be risking much money, your taste buds will be very, very happy, and your belly and backbone won't be bumpin' again for quite awhile.